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FERROSTЕЕL was established in 1997 with basic metals trading activity.

Over the years established itself as a supplier of raw materials for metallurgical plants.In 2005, is open the first production of reinforcement steel for construction.

FERROSTЕЕL is a manufacturer of reinforcement steel for construction, reinforcement for diaphragm walls and piles, reinforcement for tunnel segments and welded elements and structures for concrete.

Production facilities and equipment by leading worldwide manufacturers .

We have a team of trained consultants,skilled and excellent professionals contribute to the responsible and proper execution of orders.Production process is organized in two departments reinforcing bars, welded constructions and skeletons. The total capacity is about 6000 t / m.

In the summer of 2013 production was expanded with the commissioning of new modern facilities for the production of metal constructions, metal components for heavy industry, with production capacity of 1,000 t / m

FERROSTEEL is the exclusive representative and partner of the global manufacturer of systems for rebar splicing systems ERICO-LENTON ®.
We possess own transport.

Our main goal is quality, reliability of supply, security of our partners.